"After careful assembly in a studio somewhere in the enchanting German Westerwald, their new album, ‘Latenight Daydreaming’, is in your hands. It has been crafted with a little help from fine vocalists Michelle Amador, Oezlem Cetin and Jerome Stokes (based in San Francisco, Hamburg and Manchester respectively) and displays a new facet to their sonic explorations: Pop music with a certain deepness. After challenging the club music of the early to mid 90’s combining club music with Jazz influences, making the transition via Drum’n Bass and downtempo soundscapes, you hold a perfect Pop record in your hands that you can listen to with your mom under the Christmas tree. Taking the cue from cuts by Antonio Carlos Jobim, Carole King, Hall & Oates, Brian Wilson, Lovin’ Spoonful, Creed Taylor, Marcos Valle, the Zombies, Jay Dilla, Terry Callier, Linda Lewis and Soundtrack/Library music, amongst a host of others. Smooth orchestral elements, a nod to Neo Soul and Jazz instrumentation, earthy Folk elements and a curtsy to the waltz, recalling the virtuosity of classic Pop albums of the late 60’s and early70’s. These soaring tones will smooth out the edges of a rough day and add an extra crescendo to a sweet one. So enjoy..."

source : mymailbox&compost records


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