The 45 Twister is the ultimate tool for every DJ playing 45 singles. This product guarantees that the DJ is able to scratch, mix and cut a 7inch record just as perfect as a 12inch! Beatjuggling, contest scratching - no problem anymore!

The 45 Twister works on every turntable, because it is a precision product made in the EU of high quality solid material - perfectly measured 45 compatible - plus a super soft-rubber surface mat. This high grade tool guarantees the most fast and safe way to play your 7inches!

The 45 Twister was developed and designed by DJ Enne.

You can purchase the 45 Twister at the Compost Records webshop

We also offer the 45 Twister customized with your own logo.
For more information please contact: mailorder@compost-rec.com


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