Party - Keller

Florian Keller
always had his focus on the creative Funk period - but never
ignored all those influences that matter for quality music. All
the roots for all kinds of Club music doubtlessly generated in
the late 60s to the early 80s. The drumpatterns, the basslines,
the development and growing use of electronic instruments, that
is what we still dance to and surely always will. No House (and
Techno) without the Boogie and Electro, no Hip Hop or Drum &
Bass without the Funk and the Reggae, obviously no 80s
Electroclash without 80s Electro, and no intelligent music at all
without the improvisational vein of Jazz. That simple it is.
Originality is what counts for solid sound, and there's no doubt
things are always fuelled with more spirit when they appear for
the first time. That is what Party-Keller Clubnight is all about.

Fuck the
Hype - Here comes the nice!

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every month's fourth friday,
23.00-06.00, registratur, blumenstr. 28,
munich, germany


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